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10 Empowering Quotes by Women

March is all about celebrating strong women, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite inspirational quotes by some truly amazing and influential women. We hope that these quotes will be uplifting, motivational, and will help remind us that we can be powerful too.

On growing up…

Amy Poehler


On writing…

Nikki Giovanni

On vulnerability…

Brene Brown

On love…

Ellen Page

On bravery…

Gloria Steinem

On feminism…

Jessica Valenti

On criticism…

Nikki Giovanni

On beauty…

Toni Morrison

On dreams…
Wendy Davis

On life…

Zainab Salbi
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WGBY’s Connecting Point Features Prosperity Candle for Women’s History Month

Thank you to Carrie Saldo of WGBY’s Connecting Point (a PBS affiliate) for her thoughtful story on Prosperity Candle. We are proud to have this feature come out in the midst of Women’s History Month.

Take a look for a behind the scenes look at our work, the women making the candles (and teaching Carrie!), and our new International Women’s Month products.

Prosperity Candle from WGBY on Vimeo.

Thank you to Carrie’s team for helping us share the light and connect more people with our gifts that give back.

Candles Bring Light out of Darkness: TV Interview with Amber Chand

Prosperity Candle’s co-founder, Amber Chand, was invited to speak on Springfield, MA’s television station WWLP’s Mass Appeal to discuss the power of individuals to empower women globally. She discussed the mission and vision of Prosperity Candle and emphasized that women’s lives are changed with every candle purchased.

The host of the show was very moved and noted that ‎”It’s bringing light to them (the women in Iraq) and giving that gift to someone else is bringing light into their lives… it really is very special.”

Watch the video interview here! And share the light and change a life today!

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate 100 Years of International Women’s Day!

The 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day is quickly approaching on March 8th! It is a day designed to honor and recognize the critical role of women in society. We plan to celebrate the day by giving voice to women and sharing easy ways that you can help provide women with more opportunities. Our team is proud to be part of this growing movement to empower women & girls throughout the world.

Prosperity Candle is proud to be celebrating 100 years of international women's day to empower Women for Women International graduates like Nazahat, here with her children in Iraq

In solidarity with women's empowerment groups throughout the world, we are proud to be empowering women in Iraq

In honor of the day, we’d like to share 5 simple ways that you can celebrate & honor 100 years of giving women voice:

  1. Meet Women for Women International on the Bridge on March 8th! Women for Women International is rallying women from around the world in their annual Join Me on the Bridge campaign on March 8th. In their words, “Women, children and men…will be joining together on bridges across the world, holding up banners, making a public statement that ‘Stronger Women Build Bridges of Peace’ and supporting women in war-torn areas.”
  2. Watch CARE International’s Event & Sign Their Petition to Support Women’s Empowerment CARE is a prominent advocate of women’s empowerment as a solution to global poverty. You can watch their event online & sign their petition to congress to support work that empowers women and girls.
  3. Sign Christy Turlington’s Global Maternal Health Petition & Watch the Trailer of her Film Christy Turlington has teamed up with Every Mother Counts to raise awareness about the importance of access to maternal health care for all women throughout the globe.
  4. Join the Half the Sky Movement The book Half the Sky has sparked a movement of women advocating for women’s rights throughout the globe. If you haven’t yet read the book, we highly recommend it! Suggest it to your book club, gift it to a friend or, better yet, turn your interest into activism!
  5. Buy Gifts that Empower Women Each of our candles helps empower a woman as she rebuilds her life to bring light out of darkness. You can be an important part of this work by aligning your shopping with your values. Check out the work of our friends with similar missions like Arzu & Nest to find the perfect gift for a friend that cares deeply about women’s empowerment.

As part of our International Women’s Day campaign, we are happy to announce our sponsorship of USA Today’s special insert on empowering women and girls that came out today. It is an honor to share our voice with women’s empowerment advocates like Nicholas Kristof, Melinda Gates, Women for Women International and Vital Voices.

What are your plans?

Prosperity Candle celebrates International Women's Day by supporting the empowerment of Burmese refugees like Moo Koh who is rebuilding her life and supporting her family by making candles

Our work also empowers recently resettled women refugees from Burma, like Moo Koh

Celebrating & Honoring International Women’s Day

We’re focused on connecting, inspiring & empowering women here at Prosperity Candle, so we’re very excited about International Women’s Day on March 8th! This day is set aside as a day to recognize the achievements of women and advocate for improved women’s rights. I remember visiting Mexico in March in 1999 and hearing about the day for the first time. I was impressed to see an enormous women’s rally in honor of the day. Indigenous groups of women from throughout the region to advocate for their rights – and to share their voice. It was startling to realize that the day passed most Americans by without any reflection. Happily, that seems to be changing.

Photo credit: Lee Cohen/IMA World Health & Heber Vega

It’s wonderful to see the energy around this day grow every year. Last year Michelle Obama held a White House gathering honoring the day and President Obama commented on the importance of investing in women throughout the world.

A sneak preview of our Mother's Day gift collection - candles & soaps that empower women from Burma, Haiti, Afghanistan & Iraq!

Every one of our Prosperity Candle gifts is made by and empowers a woman from Burma, Haiti, Iraq or Afghanistan. But more than that, each gift brings light and joy into your home and enables you to connect with a woman on the other side of the globe. And each gift purchased provides you with a beautiful meaningful gift that creates an enormous ripple effect of social change in some of the toughest parts of the world. What better way to celebrate and honor International Women’s Day?

There are so many ways to support and honor women this March beyond purchasing candles. You can support women by getting involved with Women for Women International’s Join Me on the Bridge Campaign. Or engage in work to support women’s rights with groups like CARE or Amnesty International. What are your plans? Please add your comments here for others to see.

~ Siiri