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Stand Up For Women On Valentine’s Day: One Billion Rising

One Billion Rising in solidarity on Valentine's Day to raise awareness about the exploitation of women

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Every year we look forward to it, and for this Valentine’s we even created Candles of Affection with sayings like “kiss me”, “crazy 4 you”, and “ooh la la.” It’s silly and it’s fun.

But here’s the thing. Ever since Eve Ensler started One Billion Rising as part of her V-Day movement to end violence against women and girls, we’ve felt conflicted about this holiday. We love it, but raising awareness about the global abuse and exploitation of females is more important.

Eve established V-Day in 1998 to use performances of her play The Vagina Monologues to raise money to benefit female victims of violence and sexual abuse. The “V” stands for victory, valentine and vagina. One Billion Rising was launched in 2012 as a campaign to raise awareness and culminated in the largest ever global action to end violence against women. The “billion” refers to the UN statistic that one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime, or about one billion.

It is atrocious that half the world’s population is abused this way. We’ve traveled, we’ve seen things, we’ve listened to women tell their stories. We’ve read articles and watched films, made donations and written posts. It’s hard to to think about flowers and chocolates when there are serious causes to fight for on behalf of women around the world – especially those without a voice.

But what we appreciate so much about One Billion Rising is its positive energy and inclusiveness. There is a great song by Tena Clark, awesome dancing, and lots of men involved. It’s about creating solidarity. Every year millions of people gather at events in every country to share stories, confirm their commitment to end all types of violence against women and girls, and join together in exuberant dance.

If you haven’t seen a One Billion Rising video, check them out below. It’s powerful.

Women deserve dignity, respect and equality. No one should be exploited by anyone, anywhere. Everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. Perhaps it’s naive to think that such a simple statement can change anything, but to us it matters. And we will keep saying it over and over again.

This Valentine’s Day we will rise for women’s equality, safety and freedom. What will you rise for?

  1. Find a One Billion Rising event near you.

  2. Submit an Artistic Uprising between February 14-March 8.

  3. Follow V-Day on Facebook and Twitter to join the campaign.

One Billion Rising 2016


In 2013, we participated in several of the 1 BILLION RISING events here in Massachusetts. It was powerful, meaningful and incredibly energetic. We danced. A lot.

And everyone there – women, men and kids – all of us heard the call-to-action loud and clear:  stop violence against women and girls.

Last year on Valentine’s Day we sent out an email entitled “Women are not a possession,” and it elicited many more responses than usual, mostly thank-you’s, but also questions about why we did it.

We thought we’d reiterate why this movement means so much to us. Why we are promoting their campaign and donating 10% of sales from the past few weeks.

When we started Prosperity Candle, supporting women in regions of conflict was our purpose. The founders had traveled around the world for decades helping people escape poverty through entrepreneurship, and decided that investing in women would be our focus, our way of creating lasting change.

In March 2009, we were traveling to meet with our pilot project partner, Women for Women International, and on the plane started reading about the women in their programs. Women who had not only survived war, but unspeakable atrocities at the hands of men.

We landed in tears. What these women had experienced was beyond comprehension. So was their strength and resilience. Six months later, we began working with a group of these women in Baghdad.

That is how we started, and who we are. All of our candles are handmade by strong women building a brighter future for themselves and their families, here in the U.S. and overseas. Women who have faced and overcome unspeakable adversity. Women who have lost their homes, family members, dignity… and so much more that is beyond words.

We recognize this past, but are focused on the future and doing what we can to ensure women and girls everywhere have an equal opportunity to build a better life. A big part of that is standing up for their rights, and ending violence against women and girls.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and the worldwide event day for ONE BILLION RISING. We are incredibly inspired by this movement and Eve Ensler’s engaging approach to activism.

We encourage you to visit V-Day on facebook and ONE BILLION RISING to discover powerful videos, images and more.

And check out HeForShe, an organization we also support:


And be sure to listen to Break The Chain, Tena Clark’s incredible anthem for ONE BILLION RISING:

Break The Chain, One Billion Rising

8 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

 Rather than spending your money on boxed chocolate and cards this Valentine’s Day, grab your scissors and hot glue gun and add a personal touch to your gifts with these adorable DIY projects.

Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Collection for more gifts that your friends and loved ones will enjoy.

1. Cute Soda Case Wrap // 2.  Floating Heart Backdrop // 3. Crayon Heart Valentines // 4. Friendship Bracelet Valentines // 5.  Arrow Cookie Picks // 6.  Cherry Shirley Temples // 7. Wooden Heart Coasters // 8. Library Card & Journal

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Transforming Valentine’s Day into GENEROSITY Day…

We love the idea of sharing the love with more people, on more days. Why celebrate Valentine’s Day on only one day a year, with one person when it can be shared – on more days, with more people?

In an earlier blog post, we asked you all to make women around the world your Valentine this year. Kind of like when we were in elementary school and EVERYONE got a Valentine in class. Somehow Valentine’s Day has become about private expressions of love, focused on gifts only for romantic love interests.

Today we discovered the idea of reframing Valentine’s Day to become GENEROSITY day. Check out this video to learn more:

We think love should be shared with everyone, in every way. Love can be shown by giving a meaningful gift, or it can be demonstrated in the smallest actions. We love, of course, giving meaningful gifts that give back to the world, but why not also show love in small ways – all day, every day? How have you shared your love today in a new way?



Share your heart this Valentine’s Day (make women from around the world your Valentine, too!)

Who says you need to give flowers from pesticide-ridden farms or chocolate from unfair plantations to show your love? This year, choose a gift that truly shows your feelings – one that empowers others, creates a global connection, and shares your love with people around the world. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than by opening your heart with a wider community?

meaningful valentine's day gifts that give back - heart soapstone candle

These heart soapstone candles are just incredible. They burn beautifully and, when finished burning, make a wonderful jewelry box or a treasure trove to hold your favorite memories. Each soapstone box is hand-made by the Kisii tribe in Kenya and the candles are hand-poured by women refugees from Burma. As always, each candle has the name of the woman who made it so you can connect with her through our website.

a unique spa gift set, perfect as a Valentine's Day gift that gives back

If the soapstone hearts aren’t right for you, consider a spa gift set, fair trade chocolate by candlelight, or a classic Vessel of Light. The sky’s the limit with creative Valentine’s Day gifts. Any candle will create a romantic setting set on a dining room table or by a bath.

Share your light and love with a Valentine’s Day gift that gives back! We’re putting the PASSION into compassion.

Order by February 9th to ensure prompt delivery by Valentine’s Day!

Prosperity Candle tops the Stylelist’s Tips for an Alternative Valentine’s Day

We were thrilled to be listed prominently in the Stylelist’s “Hate Valentine’s Day? 10 Beautiful Ways to Fly in the Face of the Holiday” blog post. First tip in bucking the Valentine’s Day trend? In their words:

Support girl power. Don’t pine for someone to send you roses; instead, empower another woman in the world by treating yourself tobeauty’s growing fair-trade trend. The Prosperity Pillar Candle comes with a story card and the name of the Iraqi woman entrepreneur who created your beautifully scented gift. Cool bonus? You can connect with her through the company’s web site to give her your feedback.

Share this Sweet Pair with your Love for Valentine’s Day!

Share the light & love this Valentine’s Day. What better way to honor the love in your life than with a gift that illuminates your romantic dinner while empowering women globally? With a combined 240 hour burn-time, these candles are meant to last – just like the meaningful relationships in your life.

Buy one today to set the mood with your Valentine or send the sweet pair to a pair of sweethearts elsewhere. Each set comes gift-wrapped with a story card & the name of the woman who made the candle.

Like any great couple, each on its own is distinct, yet as a pair they are complementary … our Tea Green candle is unfragranced while the Deep Berry candle comes with the beautiful aroma of Desert Rose. And as with any of our products, these candles are hand-poured by women entrepreneurs in Baghdad, Iraq. Every candle purchased enables a woman to prosper & thrive.

Share the light & love this Valentine’s Day!