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Celebrating World Fair Trade Day this Saturday!

Prosperity Candle celebrates World Fair Trade Day with our fair trade gifts that give back

We have a big weekend, ahead! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13th, and World Fair Trade Day is on Saturday, May 12th. World Fair Trade Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the fair trade community to move away from “business as usual” to create more just and equitable ways of trading internationally. This means better pay for producers, less environmental damage, more transparency, engagement of marginalized communities, and long-term trading relationships that help empower instead of exploit.

Learn more about what fair trade is all about here:

Our work was founded on the principles of fair trade and we’re proud to be well on our way to becoming a fair trade member with the World Fair Trade Organization! We’ll keep you posted on our progress – hopefully soon you’ll see the fair trade logo on our homepage, providing us with a 3rd party verification of our practices. Thank you to our partner UMCOR for supporting us as we become a fair trade member.

So how will you celebrate World Fair Trade Day this Saturday? Take a look at this list of events compiled by the Fair Trade Resource Network happening throughout North America for something to do in your community. Also consider taking a look at this World Fair Trade Day website for more information. And if you’re shopping for Mom or taking her out for coffee or tea, consider celebrating World Fair Trade day at the same time with fair trade coffee, tea or chocolate!

Prosperity Candle celebrates World Fair Trade Day on May 12th

We’re proud to be partnering with a number of leading fair trade organizations to create collaborative fair trade gift baskets. Take a look at our gift sets with fair trade leaders like Divine Chocolate, Numi Tea, and SERRV International.

A Prosperity Candle Gifts that Give Back Guide, Customized for Everyone on Your List!

Holiday shopping can be tough. What to get for that hard to shop for co-worker? Or your Mom who has EVERYTHING? To make things easier for you, we’ve created this Prosperity Candle gift guide to help you sift through our new holiday gift options for every person on your list!

Avoid the typical chaos of Black Friday and shop online for gifts that support charitable causes, fair trade and women’s empowerment! We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders of $75 or more.

Give the gift of Prosperity this year, a gift that gives back. To learn more about what buying a Prosperity Candle gift means, click here.

For the Chocoholic with a Conscious

Divine Chocolate by Candlelight

Prosperity Candle teams up with Divine Chocolate for a chocolate gift basket that changes lives

Who knew that chocolate and candles could go so perfectly together? Our Divine Chocolate by Candlelight is the perfect gift for your socially conscious chocolate lover. This gift encourages an indulgent moment between friends at the end of the day. Light a candle, break open a chocolate bar and promote social change around the world! $34

For the Elegant Hostess

Vessel of Light

Prosperity Candle Classic Vessel of Light, perfect gift that gives back for the hostess in your life

Our updated Vessel of Light is a perfect gift for the hostess with a classic sense of style. These candles, in their simple elegance, fit beautifully into any home and make a substantial (and long-lasting) hostess gift. Make a great first impression with this classic gift that empowers women refugees rebuilding their lives. Your hostess will be sure to remember your thoughtfulness as the scent of tea infusion permeates her home! $20

For the Zen Feminist

World Pulse Travel Tin Candle Set

World Pulse travel tin candle set by Prosperity Candle, gifts that change lives and empower women

Know someone who is a passionate advocate for women’s rights? Our World Pulse Travel Tin set is perfect for a jet-setter creating social change. What better way to honor this activist than to help her create a tranquil space amidst the chaos with our aromatherapy candle set?  This gift advances the work of World Pulse to share women’s voices and create change. With lemongrass sage, arabian sandalwood & tea infusion scents, these candles are ready for any mood! $23

For the Tea Enthusiast

Flowering Tea & Candle Gift Set

Numi Flowering Tea & Prosperity Candle gift set that gives back

Any tea lover will adore this gift. Flowering Numi Tea (which is just AMAZING), paired with a hand-thrown ceramic tea bowl candle and a handcrafted Haitian basket is the perfect recipe for a tea party with a conscious. Once the candle has provided you with hours of candlelight, the tea bowl can be washed and used to sip your favorite tea. A unique gift that gives back for the tea drinker in your life. $42

For the Activist

Raise Your Voice Gift Set

Prosperity Candle Raise Your Voice Set benefiting Equal Exchange and Amnesty International

Amnesty International and Equal Exchange are two serious leaders when it comes to creating social change with human rights and fair trade. Why not combine them into one gift for the activist in your life who also needs to fuel up on coffee and relax at the end of the day with a candle. Both create incredible change for women in the Congo and Burmese refugees in the U.S. Powerful combination, if you ask us. $38

For the Philanthropist

Women for Women International Travel Tin Candle

Prosperity Candle travel tin candle benefits Women for Women International to empower women and change lives through gifts

Our Women for Women Travel Tin candle is an ideal gift for anyone who donates to support good work around the world. This beautifully burning candle is a powerful testament to the work of Women for Women International, an organization that supports women survivors of war. The candle shares information about their important work and burns brightly, sharing the dreams of women rebuilding their lives. 10% of every sale goes to support their work. Our A Brighter Future Gift Set is also a great choice for your philanthropist friend, with 10% of its proceeds benefiting Partners In Health’s work in Haiti. $14

For the Fair Trade Diva

Greenleaf Soapstone Centerpiece Candle

Greenleaf Centerpiece soapstone candle is a perfect gift that gives back

Do you have a friend who prides herself on decorating her home with products that do good in the world? If so, she may be looking for something new, after frequenting the same shops for years. Our Greenleaf soapstone centerpiece candle is a perfect twist on a classic fair trade product. These soapstone dishes are made by hand in Kenya. Never before have they been converted into candles, making them multi-purpose. This candle makes a distinctive accent piece for any fair trade chic home. $40

For the Candle Lover

Candle Lover’s Gift Set

Prosperity Candle Candle Lover's Gift Set, gifts that give back

Any candle lover would, of course, be happy with any of our gifts, but the ultimate gift for the candle lover in your life is our Candle Lover’s Basket. This gift basket combines beautifully burning candles made by Burmese women refugees and women in Iraq. Two pillars, one glass vessel candle and two tin candles makes this a versatile and long-lasting set of candles for a cause! $70

For the Multi-tasking Mom

Spa Gift Basket

Prosperity Candle Spa Gift Basket, a gift that gives back to the overworked Mom!

Our Spa Gift Set is the obvious choice for a woman who never seems to make time for herself. Encourage her to do so with a gift that sets her up for a luxurious bath that pampers her while empowering women around the world. The candle, all natural soaps, and fragrant bath salts encourage a luxurious soak in a tub, perhaps with her favorite book or a glass of wine. Our mission to help women rebuild their lives applies to soothing evenings in the tub, too! $48

For the Minimalist Decorator

Mai Rice Bowl Candle

Prosperity Candle Mai Rice Bowl Candle, a zen modern gift that gives back

Our Mai Rice Bowl candles are stunning in their elegance and zen charm. These candles fit beautifully into the most modern and minimalist home. Perfect for a contemporary space, yet eclectic enough to demand attention (read: great conversation starter!). These candles are ideal for illuminating a chic holiday party. $25

For the Eco Warrior

Soda Bottle Candle

Prosperity Candle soda bottle candles, a green and good gift that gives back

Yes, we have gifts that are good and green. Our Soda Bottle Candle is a great gift for someone looking to make their life greener. This soda bottle candle is hand-poured in a repurposed soda bottle. Wash it out after burning the candle and it makes a great tumbler for your eco warrior’s home. Two gifts in one! $18


Planning for Balance During a Busy Holiday Season

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? It’s hard to digest when it’s been in the 60s in Massachusetts this week! We still have leaves on the trees but recently had a major snowstorm that knocked the power out in our office for several days. Then there was the tornado that displaced Mee Mee, one of the Burmese refugees we work with in West Springfield, and flooding after Tropical Storm Irene. It’s been a nutty year for weather around here.

Our team is bracing ourselves for the holiday madness that any gift-focused organization experiences. We are busy producing, packaging and spreading the word about our  holiday gifts that give back. As you know, every one of our gifts helps empower women from Burma, Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda and Afghanistan to rebuild their lives. We’re also teaming up with Divine Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Numi Tea and Beeline to offer fair trade, women’s empowerment gift sets. Gifts that give back gift guides, here we come!

Time to relax and recharge during the holidays, choose gifts that give back and pamper

Like so many of you, we have a lot on our plates and more is added every day. Each of us is trying to figure out how to remain focused, productive and healthy through this season. For our team it usually means making time with family, taking a break for yoga or a vigorous walk, playing with our in-house puppy, Pula, or relaxing at the end of the night with a glass of wine or calming tea.

With the holidays approaching, it's a great time to take a moment to reflect and breathe, to remember the important aspects of the holidays: giving and sharing

It’s a beautiful time of year, which can enable us to reflect and connect with loved ones. At it’s best, it’s a time for giving, sharing and connecting. What do you do to stay balanced and healthy during the holidays? How do you take time to remember the essence of these winter holidays?

Perhaps lighting a candle may help?

Deepening our Relationships with the Fair Trade Community

As you may have know from this video of Founding Partner Siiri Morley discussing Prosperity Candle’s thoughts on fair trade, we deeply respect the fair trade movement and consider ourselves part of it. We’re very happy to share that we are further deepening our engagement with the fair trade community!

Joining the Fair Trade Federation & Green America

With the generous support of United Methodist Committee on Relief, we are joining the Fair Trade Federation and Green America as members. We will be proud to share these membership labels on our website and products, as they further illuminate our commitment to being a responsible company that prioritizes social and environmental good. We’ll be joining an impressive group of business leaders working to make change.

Fair Trade Federation logo indicated products that do good, give back and promote fair trade. Gifts that give back!

Green America helps consumers know which gifts give back to people and planet. Products with a cause.

Teaming Up with Fair Trade Leaders for Unique Gift Sets

You might have noticed some exciting new gift sets featuring Divine Chocolate and Equal Exchange. We feel that these fair trade leaders are part of our tribe – a community of businesses that are doing incredible work to empower farmers and artisans by creating incredible products. Divine Chocolate works closely with farmers who not only earn a great wage for their work, but also own part of the company. And Equal Exchange is largely responsible for all the fair trade coffee that is now sold in Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. They were a pioneer in bringing fair trade into the U.S.! More products are coming soon featuring Numi Tea and SERRV products.

Ultimate gift that give back to a cause - women and fair trade. A gift set that features Prosperity Candle and Divine Chocolate.

Our new gift sets bring together groups like Numi Tea and Divine Chocolate!

We’ll always be challenging ourselves to see how much good can be wrapped up into each gift we sell. These are gifts that give back to women, fair trade groups and great nonprofit causes. Shopping with a cause goes a step further!