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Gifts that Change Lives for Mother’s Day

We talk about gifts that change lives a lot. What do we mean? How does something as simple as a candle create change for women in Haiti, Iraq, Burma… for you? What are our candles really all about? And why do we say that this Mother’s Day your meaningful gift can change the life of a Mom, while giving your Mom a unique and meaningful gift?

Take a look at our video to see:

Investing in Haiti 2 Years After the Earthquake

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 2 years since the earthquake in Haiti. This month has been abuzz with news and reports about post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. There has been a lot of work done but still so much more to do.

Our team has also been beginning to lay groundwork for our own expansion into Haiti to develop our candle-making entrepreneurship model for Haitian women. We’ll keep you posted on this as it develops. It’s keeping us busy!

In the meantime, if you want to support the renewal and rebuilding of Haiti, supporting Haitian artisans and businesswomen is a great way to do it! As you might know, we have a number of beautiful products from Haiti that help Haitians rebuild their lives.

A Brighter Future Candle & Plate

Prosperity Candle supports Partners In Health with a Brighter Future Candle & Plate set - a meaningful gift that brings together Haiti, Iraq and the U.S.

This beautiful candle set brings together a handmade Haitian recycled steel drum candle stand – with a beautifully hammered design, with an Iraqi made pillar candle adorned by a pressed flower artist in the United States. 10% of the retail price is donated to Partners In Health, an organization that provides preferential health services to the poor and has been working in Haiti since 1985. We are proud to support their work.

What better way to light up a dark winter night but with a long-lasting pillar candle that illuminates the beauty of the Haitian candle stand?

Light from Darkness, Candle and Set 

Light from Darkness candle set from Haiti and Iraq, curated by Prosperity Candle

This beautiful hand-hammered luminary and pillar candle make a beautiful gift and add so much elegance to a room. And, like all of our gifts, this one helps change women’s lives. The luminary is designed by a woman artisan in Haiti who is employing many others to create these stunning candle accessories. And the pillar candle is made by women in Iraq.

Peace and Prosperity Basket

Prosperity Candle's pillar and arghand soap candle set from Haiti, Iraq and U.S. refugees

This beautiful gift set has a huge amount of impact around the world, Haiti included. 10% of this gift is donated to our friends at the Preemptive Love Coalition, which works to provide children with life-saving heart surgeries throughout Iraq.

The beautiful (and fragrant!) vetiver basket is handcrafted by artisans in Haiti, the soaps are handmade in Afghanistan and the pillar candle is made by women entrepreneurs in Iraq.

As we round the 2 year anniversary of Haiti, we encourage you to stand with Haiti by supporting economic opportunity for Haitians! Click here to see our entire product collection of gifts that change lives.

Women for Women International Partners with Prosperity Candle


Women for Women International, a fabulous organization founded by Zainab Salbi works to empower women survivors of war, was our very first partner. They have been our most valued partner, as they helped us launch our work in 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq with a group of women (mostly war widows) who had graduated from the Women for Women sponsorship program. Without their support, we simply couldn’t have started our work. And it certainly wouldn’t have been as well-designed for the women in Iraq.

Here is a screenshot of a blog post that they just featured us in:

Women for Women International and Prosperity Candle partner to offer women employment through meaningful gifts that give back to charity

Now we’re excited to share that we are also collaborating with Women for Women Headquarters in Washington DC. Not only are we working with graduates, but we’re teaming up to spread the word about great work that supports women survivors of war around the world. We’re proud to say that two of our candle gifts make a charitable donation to their work. We’re also very excited that we are about to get started on some Women for Women tin candles that will be used as donor gifts!

Prosperity Candle partners with Women for Women International to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Women for Women travel tin candle

We believe strongly that hand in hand we will be able to create tremendous impact for women around the world. We look forward to partnering with Women for Women into the future to create gifts that change women’s lives.

Women for Women International partners with Prosperity Candle to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Global Sisters Candle Set - benefits Women for Women



New York Women Social Entrepreneurs (NYWSE) Blogs About Prosperity Candle

New York Women Social Entrepreneurs teams up with Prosperity Candle

Thank you to the NYWSE team for featuring Prosperity Candle this week! We love the work that you do to advance women social entrepreneurs and we’re proud to be benefiting your work with sales generated through your network. Now we’re selling gifts that change lives and advance women social entrepreneurs.

Read more about our collaboration here.


A Global Sisterhood of Women Paying it Forward

With a woman to woman connection, Prosperity Candle is connecting with women around the world, and lighting lives

Does anyone else feel a movement of powerful women sweeping the world?

As I prepare to exhibit at the Massachusetts Conference for Women (very excited about going on 12/8!) I reflect on the incredible diversity of the women’s groups that I have connected with recently. Over the past few months I’ve collaborated/spoken with 85 Broads, Women’s Education Project, World Pulse, the Women’s Bar Association, Women 2.0, Equality Now, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Council, Simmons College, joinFITE, Golden Seeds, Church Women United, the Babson Center for Women’s Leadership, the South Shore Women’s Business Network, Women in the World Foundation, Pipeline Fellowship, Women’s World Banking, amongst many other women-focused organizations. Each group is so different, yet there is a common thread throughout all of them: sisterhood.

This concept of sisterhood is stronger than I first realized. I have found that as a young woman entrepreneur — with a business that creates gifts for women created by women who are rebuilding their lives — I have been welcomed into the fold. Women from all walks of life have warmly opened their arms to me and supported my work. They have arranged speaking events for Prosperity Candle, have purchased gifts from Prosperity Candle and have made incredible introductions for us.

We all know that the work we do overseas and with refugee women in the United States is changing women’s lives, in so many ways. We have seen that women invest their time, energy and resources in others and give back to their community. So I’m writing now to honor the fact that women in the U.S., no matter what their profession, political belief or amount of education, do the same. Women invest not only in their own communities, but in other women all around the world. The sense of sisterhood has no borders.

As the President of the South Shore Women’s Business Network, Janet LaBerge, said at their Gala celebrating 20 years, “Women network differently. We do business differently. We’re all about paying it forward.”

Thank you to all the women in the world who pay it forward every day. You make our work possible.

~ Siiri

A First Paycheck from Prosperity Candle

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “shop shop shop” mantra of the holiday season that we sometimes loose sight of what impact our purchases can have. We thought we’d share this video of Prosperity Candle Co-Founder, Ted Barber, reflecting on one Prosperity Candle woman’s 1st paycheck.

It’s a nice reminder of what it is that we’re really doing when we make and sell each candle.

Gratitude for each of you from the far reaches of the globe

Prosperity Candle gifts create global connection and social change

Our team was just marveling at the map overlay of our website visitors and thought it would be interesting to share it with you. As you know, our work is all about creating global connections and providing artisans and entrepreneurs in Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, rural China, and the U.S. and Canada unique opportunities to prosper through trade that is respectful, empowering and inspiring. Mostly we’ve thought about that in terms of the gifts we put together and sell.

But we didn’t realize just how global our support base was until recently. Check it out:

Prosperity Candle creates global connections and changes women's lives through its gifts that change lives. See just how global it is here!

Since April we’ve had visitors from 128 countries around the world. Visitors from India & Iraq have spent time reviewing the site. Shoppers from Australia, Germany & Japan have ordered gifts for U.S. friends. And scores of other people from places as diverse as Nepal, Mauritania, Lesotho, Finland and Nicaragua have spent time learning about Prosperity Candle.

Sit back and imagine that. Really try.

Thousands of individuals around the world have spent time learning about how to connect with women from around the world, reading their stories, looking at their handmade gifts, and thinking about how to change their lives through the simple act of purchasing a candle. Perhaps we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of the world being lit up by one million points of light?

Tell us your story! Where are you based and how did you discover Prosperity Candle? What type of impact did it have on you?

(We are missing many countries still… and as a globe trotting team, that kind of irks us. If you know of anyone in Mali, Bolivia, Senegal, Kazakhstan, Oman, Burma or Papua New Guinea, ask them to visit the site!)

joinFITE’s Meaningful Gifts that Change Lives Gift Guide

Prosperity Candle is featured by joinFITE in its gift guide for meaningful gifts

Thank you to our friends at joinFITE for their Meaningful Gifts that Change Lives gift guide. They’ve compiled a thoughtful collection of organizations with meaningful gifts that give back in many ways this holiday. Each one of the gifts they feature support charitable causes or empower people through their creation. We’re proud to stand next to products from Global Goods Partners, Arzu’s Peace Cord and Dermalogica.

Prosperity Candle tops the list of gifts that give back in joinFITE's gift guide

Thank you to joinFITE (a sister organization to Kiva that is supported by celebrities like Demi Moore, Emma Watson, Diane Keaton, Maria Bello and Geena Davis) for your amazing work to empower women entrepreneurs through microfinance – and, of course, for creating this gift guide!