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UMCOR, Equal Exchange, Serrv, & Prosperity Candle: Giving Back Even More!

Right in time for the holidays, we’re proud to premiere three new gift sets that give back a little bit extra — a 10% donation to UMCOR! The United Methodist Committee on Relief has been a wonderful partner for Prosperity Candle, and now we’re showcasing three fair trade sets featuring delicious Equal Exchange goodies, beautiful Serrv housewares, and — of course — Prosperity candles!

Holiday Cheer, $24 Bring a smile to someone’s face with this trio of global goodness. We think that Equal Exchange’s Chocolate Caramel Crunch bar is a perfectly sweet way to celebrate the season, especially when you pair it with a handcrafted crackle-glass ornament. Light your UMCOR soy-blend travel tin candle, and you’ll be well on your way to a holiday that is both merry and bright.
A Peaceful Moment, $30 At the end of a long day, take time for a peaceful moment with this fair trade gift set. Fill your oversized (16 ounces!) wood-fired ceramic mug with soothing, organic Equal Exchange chamomile tea. Light your UMCOR soy-blend travel tin candle as you sip your tea and enjoy your meditative moment.
Start the Day Right, $39 Start your day right with Hope’s Blend Coffee from Equal Exchange in a handcrafted mug from SERRV. Fill your oversized (16 ounces!) wood-fired ceramic mug, light your UMCOR soy-blend travel tin candle, and take a moment to yourself before the hustle and bustle of the day begins!

Why We’re Excited About Our Partnership with Oxfam America

Oxfam America Last Change candle New in the Prosperity Candle store: our Oxfam America Lasting Change candle. Why are we so enthusiastic about our partnership with Oxfam America? Here are three simple reasons (we could go on!).

1. Oxfam isn’t “your ordinary charitable organization.”  They believe that you can’t fight poverty, hunger, and injustice with money alone.  “It’s as basic as helping people help themselves.”  This philosophy aligns perfectly with our own — after all, when you invest in a woman, change happens.

2. Oxfam has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and technical assistance, in close to one hundred countries!  That’s an inspiring organizational footprint.

3. Above all, Oxfam stresses the importance of respect for human rights. They are passionate and transparent about their rights-based approach.  Learn more about their commitment on OxfamAmerica.org

Ten percent of each purchase of the Oxfam America Lasting Change candle will go to fund their efforts.  And of course, each purchase impacts the lives of the Burmese refugee women who created them — that’s our mission, and we’re thrilled to be able to help Oxfam with theirs at the same time!

6 More Meaningful Charitable Gift Ideas to Honor Mom & Empower Women

So you bought Mom a candle gift set (or maybe a gift certificate or candle subscription) and now you’re looking for other ways to show her you care by empowering other Moms. Maybe you’re looking for an e-card or physical card to round out your gifts, or maybe Mom is the type of Mom who already has too much stuff and would rather give a donation in her name to support another woman in need.

There are so many great ways to support Moms around the world while honoring and celebrating your own Mom this Mother’s Day, so we decided to share some of our favorite charitable Mother’s Day gift ideas with you this week:

Women for Women International

Women for Women partners with Prosperity Candle to empower women

Of course, we first thought we’d highlight our partner’s, Women for Women International, Mother’s Day e-cards that support women’s empowerment. As Emily Deschanel notes here, a card for your Mom can change the life of a woman survivor of war who is rebuilding her life. Prosperity Candle partners with Women for Women in Iraq to offer women a candle making business opportunity.

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts campaign for No Mother's Day to support maternal health for women

Christy Turlington’s Every Mother Counts campaign works to educate all of us about the dangers that many women face as they become mothers. Not all women safely can become mothers, due to the risks they face during childbirth. Here, Christy Turlington’s team encourages mothers to become silent on Mother’s Day in solidarity with mothers to be who loose their lives. The campaign is called No Mother’s Day. A powerful reminder of what the world would be like without moms.

Oxfam America

Oxfam America offers gifts that give back to Moms this Mother's Day

Train a midwife today with Oxfam America for Mother's Day

Our friends at Oxfam have a fantastic range of gifts that give back available for Mother’s Day. Your donation can give a woman a garden, school supplies, midwife training or more. Imagine how good Mom will feel knowing that her gift changed another woman’s life! A e-card can be sent straight to your Mom letting her know that a donation was made in her name.

Partners In Health

Partners In Health can save Moms lives for Mother's Day with a charitable gift idea

Partners In Health helps make childbirth a moment of joy for new Moms

You can save a Mom’s life this Mother’s Day by donating to Partners In Health, an international organization that offers health care to poor women (and men) all around the world. You can feel good knowing that you’ve helped a new Mom have a safe and healthy experience starting her family. Donate now in your Moms name and she’ll be sent a note!


the IRC supports refugee women this mother's day with charitable gift ideas for mom

Give a charitable gift this Mother's Day that helps a new mom access maternal health care

Like the IRC, we at Prosperity Candle cares deeply about women refugees. Have you purchased a candle made by the Burmese refugees we work with and now want to support an organization that helps provide them with refuge in the aftermath of trauma? We love the IRC’s work and encourage you to think about buying Mom a charitable gift that helps a refugee woman receive maternal health care, access business training, or care for a flock of chickens or a goat that will help her invest in her future. Mom will be sent a note letting her know about her unique gift!


CARE USA offers charitable gifts to save children's lives this Mother's Day

CARE USA believes that every child deserves a 5th birthday - donate a charitable gift to save children's lives this Mother's Day

CARE works hard to ensure the rights of women and girls around the world. For Mother’s Day this year, you can make a donation in your Mom’s name and send her a beautiful, inspiring e-card. CARE ensures that mothers have access to the care they need, clean water, and nutritional food to ensure the safety and health of her family. As CARE says, “Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday.” Don’t you agree?

Social enterprise – what does that mean?

We are often asked this question, and the answer we usually give is a business created to do good in the world, to effect positive change, to solve a social problem and serve a social purpose.  Others often think of it as a hybrid organization, a “business with a nonprofit soul.”

As the Social Enterprise Alliance so aptly puts it, “The common good is its primary purpose, literally ‘baked into’ the organization’s DNA, and trumping all others.” .Love that.

Recently we saw a definition that really resonates: social enterprises work to build a more balanced, sustainable world by applying market-based strategies to today’s social problems. 

Well, that definitely sums it up better than we usually do, so much so that we put it on the back of our business cards.

So how is Prosperity Candle a social enterprise?  We seek to create opportunities for women survivors of conflict and disaster to earn above a living wage.  Our idea is that to survive is not enough.  We want to help women in some of the most difficult circumstances thrive.  It’s a big word – thrive.  And we’re working hard to measure up to it.  But this is our goal, our passion and purpose.  It is the problem we are trying to help solve.  Prosperity Candle exists solely to realize this mission.

We know we have years of hard work ahead of us, but that is what we all signed up for.  To make a difference and have a sustainable impact.  To work for the common good, like so many others in both the public and private sectors.  It is what we choose to do with our lives.  That, we think, is what social enterprise is all about.

If you’d like to hear more, here is founding partner Siiri Morley talking about the importance of fair trade and moving beyond survival – to the idea of thriving.

Women for Women Features our Gifts on Get Involved Homepage!

Have you checked about Women for Women International’s Get Involved homepage? If not, you really should. It’s beautifully designed and so engaging – it makes us even more excited about the phenomenal work they do to empower women survivors of war.

There are so many ways that Women for Women International’s supporters can get involved (Run for Congo; host an event, sponsor a woman in Congo, Rwanda, Iraq, etc.). Knowing this, and how many stories they have to tell, we are truly honored to have our own splash banner for their Get Involved page!

Prosperity Candle and Women for Women international partner to empower women with charitable and meaningful gifts

As they note, our Global Sisters Candle Set (a set of two stunning pillar candles) supports women who have graduated from their program in Iraq and donates to their work. And now we’ve introduced our Women for Women travel tin candle, which also donates to their work. Meaningful gifts that support a charitable cause.

Thank you, Women for Women!

Women for Women International Partners with Prosperity Candle


Women for Women International, a fabulous organization founded by Zainab Salbi works to empower women survivors of war, was our very first partner. They have been our most valued partner, as they helped us launch our work in 2008 in Baghdad, Iraq with a group of women (mostly war widows) who had graduated from the Women for Women sponsorship program. Without their support, we simply couldn’t have started our work. And it certainly wouldn’t have been as well-designed for the women in Iraq.

Here is a screenshot of a blog post that they just featured us in:

Women for Women International and Prosperity Candle partner to offer women employment through meaningful gifts that give back to charity

Now we’re excited to share that we are also collaborating with Women for Women Headquarters in Washington DC. Not only are we working with graduates, but we’re teaming up to spread the word about great work that supports women survivors of war around the world. We’re proud to say that two of our candle gifts make a charitable donation to their work. We’re also very excited that we are about to get started on some Women for Women tin candles that will be used as donor gifts!

Prosperity Candle partners with Women for Women International to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Women for Women travel tin candle

We believe strongly that hand in hand we will be able to create tremendous impact for women around the world. We look forward to partnering with Women for Women into the future to create gifts that change women’s lives.

Women for Women International partners with Prosperity Candle to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Global Sisters Candle Set - benefits Women for Women



Shine from Yahoo! Shines a Light on Gifts that Give Back

Yahoo! Shine features Prosperity Candle in a stylish holiday gifts that give back. A great gift guide for getting everyone on your list a meaningful gift!

Thank you to Shine from Yahoo! for including us in their Four Stylish Gifts that Give Back. All of the gifts in her list support great charitable causes. We love what the blogger, Wendy, says in her introduction:

“In my opinion, shopping for holiday gifts is easily one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Though I love to receive — as I’m sure most do — there’s something about buying for others that contributes to my warm and fuzzy fund. A way to double that feel good feeling and truly get into the holiday spirit of giving is to purchase charitable gifts.

This year, you’ll find plenty of philanthropic opportunities and outlets. Below are four to jump start your shopping list.”

Prosperity Candle tops a gifts that give back list with Yahoo! Shine's stylish holiday gifts that give back feature

A Prosperity Candle Gifts that Give Back Guide, Customized for Everyone on Your List!

Holiday shopping can be tough. What to get for that hard to shop for co-worker? Or your Mom who has EVERYTHING? To make things easier for you, we’ve created this Prosperity Candle gift guide to help you sift through our new holiday gift options for every person on your list!

Avoid the typical chaos of Black Friday and shop online for gifts that support charitable causes, fair trade and women’s empowerment! We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders of $75 or more.

Give the gift of Prosperity this year, a gift that gives back. To learn more about what buying a Prosperity Candle gift means, click here.

For the Chocoholic with a Conscious

Divine Chocolate by Candlelight

Prosperity Candle teams up with Divine Chocolate for a chocolate gift basket that changes lives

Who knew that chocolate and candles could go so perfectly together? Our Divine Chocolate by Candlelight is the perfect gift for your socially conscious chocolate lover. This gift encourages an indulgent moment between friends at the end of the day. Light a candle, break open a chocolate bar and promote social change around the world! $34

For the Elegant Hostess

Vessel of Light

Prosperity Candle Classic Vessel of Light, perfect gift that gives back for the hostess in your life

Our updated Vessel of Light is a perfect gift for the hostess with a classic sense of style. These candles, in their simple elegance, fit beautifully into any home and make a substantial (and long-lasting) hostess gift. Make a great first impression with this classic gift that empowers women refugees rebuilding their lives. Your hostess will be sure to remember your thoughtfulness as the scent of tea infusion permeates her home! $20

For the Zen Feminist

World Pulse Travel Tin Candle Set

World Pulse travel tin candle set by Prosperity Candle, gifts that change lives and empower women

Know someone who is a passionate advocate for women’s rights? Our World Pulse Travel Tin set is perfect for a jet-setter creating social change. What better way to honor this activist than to help her create a tranquil space amidst the chaos with our aromatherapy candle set?  This gift advances the work of World Pulse to share women’s voices and create change. With lemongrass sage, arabian sandalwood & tea infusion scents, these candles are ready for any mood! $23

For the Tea Enthusiast

Flowering Tea & Candle Gift Set

Numi Flowering Tea & Prosperity Candle gift set that gives back

Any tea lover will adore this gift. Flowering Numi Tea (which is just AMAZING), paired with a hand-thrown ceramic tea bowl candle and a handcrafted Haitian basket is the perfect recipe for a tea party with a conscious. Once the candle has provided you with hours of candlelight, the tea bowl can be washed and used to sip your favorite tea. A unique gift that gives back for the tea drinker in your life. $42

For the Activist

Raise Your Voice Gift Set

Prosperity Candle Raise Your Voice Set benefiting Equal Exchange and Amnesty International

Amnesty International and Equal Exchange are two serious leaders when it comes to creating social change with human rights and fair trade. Why not combine them into one gift for the activist in your life who also needs to fuel up on coffee and relax at the end of the day with a candle. Both create incredible change for women in the Congo and Burmese refugees in the U.S. Powerful combination, if you ask us. $38

For the Philanthropist

Women for Women International Travel Tin Candle

Prosperity Candle travel tin candle benefits Women for Women International to empower women and change lives through gifts

Our Women for Women Travel Tin candle is an ideal gift for anyone who donates to support good work around the world. This beautifully burning candle is a powerful testament to the work of Women for Women International, an organization that supports women survivors of war. The candle shares information about their important work and burns brightly, sharing the dreams of women rebuilding their lives. 10% of every sale goes to support their work. Our A Brighter Future Gift Set is also a great choice for your philanthropist friend, with 10% of its proceeds benefiting Partners In Health’s work in Haiti. $14

For the Fair Trade Diva

Greenleaf Soapstone Centerpiece Candle

Greenleaf Centerpiece soapstone candle is a perfect gift that gives back

Do you have a friend who prides herself on decorating her home with products that do good in the world? If so, she may be looking for something new, after frequenting the same shops for years. Our Greenleaf soapstone centerpiece candle is a perfect twist on a classic fair trade product. These soapstone dishes are made by hand in Kenya. Never before have they been converted into candles, making them multi-purpose. This candle makes a distinctive accent piece for any fair trade chic home. $40

For the Candle Lover

Candle Lover’s Gift Set

Prosperity Candle Candle Lover's Gift Set, gifts that give back

Any candle lover would, of course, be happy with any of our gifts, but the ultimate gift for the candle lover in your life is our Candle Lover’s Basket. This gift basket combines beautifully burning candles made by Burmese women refugees and women in Iraq. Two pillars, one glass vessel candle and two tin candles makes this a versatile and long-lasting set of candles for a cause! $70

For the Multi-tasking Mom

Spa Gift Basket

Prosperity Candle Spa Gift Basket, a gift that gives back to the overworked Mom!

Our Spa Gift Set is the obvious choice for a woman who never seems to make time for herself. Encourage her to do so with a gift that sets her up for a luxurious bath that pampers her while empowering women around the world. The candle, all natural soaps, and fragrant bath salts encourage a luxurious soak in a tub, perhaps with her favorite book or a glass of wine. Our mission to help women rebuild their lives applies to soothing evenings in the tub, too! $48

For the Minimalist Decorator

Mai Rice Bowl Candle

Prosperity Candle Mai Rice Bowl Candle, a zen modern gift that gives back

Our Mai Rice Bowl candles are stunning in their elegance and zen charm. These candles fit beautifully into the most modern and minimalist home. Perfect for a contemporary space, yet eclectic enough to demand attention (read: great conversation starter!). These candles are ideal for illuminating a chic holiday party. $25

For the Eco Warrior

Soda Bottle Candle

Prosperity Candle soda bottle candles, a green and good gift that gives back

Yes, we have gifts that are good and green. Our Soda Bottle Candle is a great gift for someone looking to make their life greener. This soda bottle candle is hand-poured in a repurposed soda bottle. Wash it out after burning the candle and it makes a great tumbler for your eco warrior’s home. Two gifts in one! $18


FEED the World with a Prosperity Candle FEED Joy Holiday Gift!

We have been truly blessed. So many incredible partnerships have taken root this year. We’ve deepened our partnerships with Women for Women International, Amnesty International, Partners In Health, Lutheran Social Services and the Preemptive Love Coalition. And now we’re developing new collaborative relationships with World Pulse, the Women’s Bar Association, 85 Broads, UMCOR, the Women’s Education Project and many others. The diversity of the groups we work with is incredible. Investing in women and finding gifts that give back to women is not just a trend! It seems like it’s here to stay.

Lauren Bush, founder of FEED Projects, has incorporated Prosperity Candle's gifts that change women's lives into her collection this year

Lauren Bush, Founder of FEED Projects

We’d like to highlight one organization that collaborating with has been particularly exciting for us: FEED Projects. You may have heard of them, as FEED was founded by philanthropist and model, Lauren Bush. Lauren was an intrepid young ambassador with the World Food Program before launching FEED. Her travels to learn more about the realities of hunger around the world inspired her to get involved. She conceived of FEED Projects as a way to raise funds for world hunger initiatives. As a model and fashionista, she wondered why more products were not offering charitable gifts. So she began creating gifts that give back to the World Food Program and UNICEF. Every one of her FEED bags and other products donate money towards a great cause.

Prosperity Candles are now feeding the world with Lauren Bush's FEED Project's holiday charitable gift collection

Prosperity Candles are now helping FEED the world

Lauren’s team was immediately interested in Prosperity Candle’s work. We’ll never forget our first meeting when she sat down, with a sparkle in her eye and said “Let’s do a FEED candle!” We were thrilled. We’re really honored to be teaming up with FEED and are excited to see our FEED Joy candle join their holiday gift collection this year. Not only does every candle empower a woman refugee build a new life, it also contributes to the fight against world hunger.

FEED, Compassion & Amnesty

What has your week been like? Ours has been crazy! So we thought we’d share it with you.

Special labels require special attention, especially when you’re making candles for great organizations. A few weeks ago it was Parnassus Investments and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and next week will be Edwards Wildman and Catalina Leadership. But right now, Naw, Mho Kho and Mee Mee  have been making perfect candles (and I do mean our best travel tin candles ever) for FEED Projects, Week of Compassion and Amnesty International while I go back and forth with our graphic designer and printer trying to get the colors, paper and layout right for these important orders.

Feed Projects, Week of Compassion, Amnesty International

Candles we're making for Feed Projects, Week of Compassion & Amnesty International

It’s been a whirlwind of supplies arriving, customers ordering, shipments going out… and these three incredible women – refugees from Burma – working together, laughing and chatting in Karen (one of over 100 languages spoken in Myanmar, formerly Burma). They’ve recently resettled in Western Massachusetts through a U.N. program, and now seek to rebuild their lives in an entirely new community far from the persecution they fled.

Nawte, Moo Kho & Mee Mee, Burmese refugees

Naw, Moo Kho & Mee Mee, Burmese refugees

We feel lucky to have met these women, and privileged to be working by their sides. Yesterday it finally occurred to me that while Naw and Mee Mee work on learning English (Moo Kho’s is perfect), it’s time the rest of us start learning some Karen.   – Ted