Prosperity Candle’s Charitable Gift Guide – Support a Cause!

With 2 more days to order our gifts in time for Christmas, we thought it would be helpful to create a gift guide for our gifts that donate to nonprofit causes.

To help you choose the right gift and cause for everyone on your holiday gift list, we’ve compiled our top picks here. 10% of each product goes to these partners!

Sponsor Women Survivors of War

Women for Women International is an extraordinary partner of ours. They help women survivors of war rebuild their lives through social support, vocational skills and international sister-to-sister sponsorship. They work in some of the world’s toughest places. We have partnered with their program graduates in Baghdad, Iraq. Our Women for Women travel tin candle and our Global Sisters Candle set both donate 10% to support their work.

Prosperity Candle partners with Women for Women International to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Women for Women travel tin candle gift

Women for Women International partners with Prosperity Candle to create meaningful gifts that change women's lives

Global Sisters Candle Set

Broadcast Women’s Stories to the World

World Pulse and Prosperity Candle team up to empower women

World Pulse is an extraordinary organization working to bring women’s voices into the mainstream so they can tell their own stories and connect with other women to create a global sisterhood. We are helping tell their story with our World Pulse travel tin set. On your next trip around the world, bring this travel tin set to remind you of the qualities you want to embody to create change in the world: courage, beauty, possibility. This comes in three enticing scents: tea infusion, lemongrass sage and arabian sandalwood.

Prosperity Candle's World Pulse travel set is a great charitable gift that supports a cause

World Pulse Travel Tin Set

Deliver Life-Saving Heart Surgery to Children in Iraq

The Preemptive Love Coalition and Prosperity Candle team up to empower women in Iraq

Our friends at the Preemptive Love Coalition do incredible work in Iraq to provide children with life-saving heart surgery. They are saving children’s lives every day from congenital heart disease. Every one of these Peace and Prosperity gift sets supports their incredible work.

Prosperity Candle's peace and prosperity gift set supports the charitable work of the Preemptive Love Coalition

Peace & Prosperity Gift Set

Bring Critical Health Services to Haiti

Partners in Health is an incredibly dedicated organization working to advance health services for all. They work in numerous countries around the world but are perhaps best known for their work in Haiti. They see health services as a basic human right. We’re proud to offer our Brighter Future Candle & Plate to benefit their work in Haiti.

Prosperity Candle's gift donates to the charitable cause Partners in Health in Haiti

A Brighter Future Candle & Plate

Advocate for Global Human Rights

Prosperity Candle and Amnesty International partner to empower women refugees from Burma

Amnesty International needs no introduction. It has been an honor to collaborate with them on their 50th anniversary candle this year. This Vessel of Light benefits their work and shines a light on 50 years of human rights. They have been tireless advocates of justice and freedom for all and are responsible for freeing innumerable political prisoners. We are excited to collaborate with them as they dive deeper into gender equality with their first female Executive Director!

Prosperity Candle supports Amnesty International with this charitable candle gift

Amnesty Vessel of Light

Support International Volunteerism

Prosperity Candle's travel tin candle supports the charitable cause National Peace Corps Association

The National Peace Corps Association is the organization that supports and connects returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Thousands of American volunteers span the world every year creating change for communities in need. But perhaps more importantly, the Peace Corps experience changes the volunteer’s lives forever. The National Peace Corps Association helps these returned volunteers continue to change the world for the rest of their lives. We’re proud to note that this National Peace Corps Association tin candle donates to their work and celebrates 50 years of the Peace Corps!

Prosperity Candle travel tin candle gift supports the charitable cause the National Peace Corps Association

National Peace Corps Association Travel Tin Candle

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