“Mothers are the light of the world”: Lauren’s Mothers Day Story of Connection

Meet Lauren & learn about how she changed the life of a Mom, while giving her Mom a beautiful gift last Mother’s Day. 

Last year, LAUREN – a Mom of two beautiful kids (who are pictured below) – decided to buy her Mom aProsperity Candle gift for Mother’s Day. Here is what she shared with us about why she chose Prosperity Candle:

Lauren, a gifting changemaker

“Prosperity Candle was an obvious choice for a Mother’s Day gift for my mom because I knew she’d be as inspired by their mission and story as much as I am. My mother has always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to as long as I was prepared to put forth my best effort .  I am extremely lucky; she has always been there to support me, giving me guidance and encouragement in every venture I’ve undertaken. She was the one to tell me not to give up, she was the one to assure me that yes, even when things might seem like they were crumbling around me, actually, everything would be okay.”

Lauren's Mom, Mary, with Lauren's 2 kids

“Prosperity Candle acts in the same capacity for the women they employ. They see the capabilities of the women they work with perhaps before they are recognised by the women themselves. They provide the building blocks for women to create their own futures, imparting something tangible and positive at just a time when it is needed most. How could I *not* support a company like that? And the candles are beautiful! What more could you want? ”

A Mother's Day gift with meaning

Lauren’s Mom, MARY, loved the gift and sent Lauren this message after receiving it:

“Thank you for the very lovely gift. It is quite nice as it provides a living for women who need a helping hand… a hand up is always better than a hand out. Thanks again for a great gift. “

The gift Lauren chose to give to her Mom was made byMOO KHO, a Burmese refugee living in Western Massachusetts and raising her three young girls. Every candle purchased helps Prosperity Candle give women like Moo Kho an economic opportunity to rebuild her life.

Moo Kho with her twin girls

Moo Kho, like Lauren and Mary, is also a Mom. They share similar goals and dreams. And now, all three have been connected with a simple candle. Moo Kho’s name and story traveled to Mary (via Lauren) on the candle she created, which united the three Mothers and allowed Mary to send Moo Kho a note of appreciation and thanks.

Moo Kho said she enjoys making candles for other mothers because “Mothers are the light of the world. Every mother can give the light to her children and other people.”

What will your Mother’s Day story be this year?

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