Celebrate International Women’s Day with Stylish Gifts Made by Women

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we thought that we’d share some of our favorite fashionable gifts made by women. These gifts are perfect to buy for a friend . . . or even for yourself!

Indigo & Lime Dazzle Clutch from Rubina.

dazzleclutchThese dynamic clutches are perfect for making a bold statement while still maintaining a professional vibe.

They are made by the Equitable Marketing Associate (EMA) which is a fair trade organization that is based outside of Kolkata, India. They work to assist marginalized groups in communities that are facing economic hardships. Several talented artisans work together to create these beautiful products: Anita Das and Rita Purakait (dye painters), Biswananth Mondal and Manoj Saha (embossers), and Sariful Gazi, Zahir Faikir (stitchers).

Sao Paolo Peplum from Greenola Style


We’re loving vibrant patterns this spring! The puplum is made in Kampala, Uganda at Gulu, an all-women’s workshop. Many of the artisans have been directly affected by the conflicts of war and their workspace has become a place of healing.

Read more about the Gulu Workshop to learn more about these amazing women. All products use local, low-impact or recycled materials


 Taupe + Black Braid Print Pocket Dress from Raven+ Lily

shorttankWho doesn’t love a dress with pockets? This super comfortable dress is made from repurposed remnant jersey fabric by Srey Keo in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Many of the women working in the Phnom Penh workshop are HIV positive or have formally faced abuse and trauma from trafficking. Raven + Lily provides workers with a friendly and supportive environment to help them rebuild their lives.

Cascading Falls Necklace from Noonday Collection


The cool thing about this necklace is that the beads are actually made from acai and pambil seeds that are gathered from rainforests in Ecuador. Each bead is unique in color and shape. The materials are sustainable and require very low energy, however the farmers have to climb high into the canopies to harvest the pods, which requires skill—and definitely not my fear of heights! The artisans, Nancy and Carlos work from their home and are saving for their children’s education.


Purple Silk Scarf from Global Goods Partners

Untitled-3This scarf is perfect for spring because of the lightweight material. It is made by the Artisans Association of Cambodia (AAC) which is a fair trade group that consists of 32 women; some are victims of landmines and others from trafficking. The money they make from their products go toward addressing issues of women’s rights, literacy, education and public health. Learn more about the artisans as well as the background of Cambodia on the AAC page.


Let us know what you think of these great gifts, and share your favorite woman-made finds on our Facebook page, or send us a tweet!


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