End Useless Corporate Swag: Give the Gift of Prosperity Candles

Michael Scott loves cheesy swag . . . but he may be the only one!“Swag! Stuff We All Get. I basically decorated my condo for free with all of my swag!” – Michael Scott, The Office

Whether it is in the inevitable corporate holiday gift or the bag of random sample sized goodies given out at conferences, we’ve all been recipients of promotional items we’ll never use (unless you’re Michael Scott). Fast Company estimates Americans will spend more this year on promotional corporate swag than on trips to coffee shops or dry-cleaners. Useless corporate swag is a growing epidemic that is begging to be cured.

Rather than give up on a roughly $17 billion industry – especially one that offers some really affordable lasting marketing opportunities for cash-strapped companies – it’s time to do swag better. Turns out there are a lot of great sources providing tips on how to give better corporate swag, but they almost all universally suggest the cure is to “give something people want.”

Before you launch into endless brainstorming sessions on what it is that people truly want, consider giving the gift of Prosperity Candle. We offer meaningful gifts customized for your next corporate gift giving opportunity or event. Although there are many reasons your recipients will actually want our products, here are three of the biggest:

1. Our candles are useful HubSpot and others recommending giving gifts that are actually useful. Our customized candles burn for well over 10 hours, include an eco-friendly reusable tin, and are often placed in very prominent places in the home or office. You can be sure recipients will use and see our candles.

2. Our candles change lives – Our candles are made by women in distressed areas of the world. Through training and candle-making we create opportunities for women to not only survive, but to truly thrive. With each purchase of our products you support our mission and help us grow our impact.  Let your corporate responsibility infiltrate your gifting strategy – with a growing demand for conscious consumerism, there is no more need for questionably sourced factory-made products from China.

3. Our candles are beautiful & distinctive – Our candles evoke inspiration, “spark” ideas, and encourage focus, tranquility, and peace.  We also offer a variety of customized candlesthat can fit both your budget and vision.  The recipient of your Prosperity Candles will appreciate the beauty and spirit of your gift.  They will also appreciate that it isn’t just another water bottle, tote bag, or pen to toss away in their collection of tired and uninspired promotional materials.

If you are in the market for corporate, event or donor gifts you can learn more about our options here.  You can also contact Kaitlin Hasseler at gifts@prosperitycandle.com.

Did we miss any reason why our candles make a better gift than the typical corporate swag? Let us know in the comments below.

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