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Little Known Methods for Reducing Holiday Stress

At Prosperity Candle, we are constantly searching for new ways to help our friends and customers (okay, and ourselves!) to relax and unwind. With the holiday season approaching, there’s a whole lot of joy and merriment around the corner . . . but additional stresses, too! Our to-do lists seem never ending and the season always has a surprise or two in store (an newly-instituted end of year report at work, an unexpected holiday guest at home . . .).

Sometimes we all need to take a breath and remember to celebrate what the holidays are all about: joy, genuine connections with family and friends, beautiful moments to cherish (if only we could unwind a bit).

If you’re feeling stressed this fall and need to get your mind back on track, here are 5 often overlooked ways to keep focused, disconnect from stress, and unwind during the holiday season.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to take a step back from your life, get your thoughts in order and clear your mind for a moment. A cluttered and hectic life will suddenly seem much more manageable once you’ve got it all down on paper.

5x7_OwlBlueWhile it’s easy to keep a journal on your laptop, or even on your phone or tablet, we really recommend buying a notebook and writing out your thoughts by hand. It doesn’t have to be fancy (although there are plenty of fun options out there). Maybe it’s because we so often associate typing with working, but letting your feelings flow through a pen and onto paper will often relax you in a way that typing doesn’t.

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